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Just a Thought

(Editor's Note: Today, we welcome Annie, who volunteers to help the elderly and disabled individuals, to our blogging team. You can connect with Annie on her profile page: @helpinghands.)

music-notesYou know, it's funny. Despite the fact that I have had a recent streak of bad luck. I have to purchase a new bed, because the one that I disposed of broke and I had a $400.00 dentist bill this month, paid for with all of the money I received for Christmas and my birthday, I still get warm feelings when I think about my caregiving experiences. The smile from someone I have helped or a simple, "thank you", the knowledge that I have been able to help someone whom is disabled or elderly, it makes me feel good all over. And then the bad times do not seem so bad after all.

It has always been engrained within myself to help others and to make other people feel good. Tomorrow the building in which I live is having a luncheon. I am providing the music for the event. I am not hoping to make a name for myself. My dream is that the music will draw in more of a crowd for our events, and that the music will be enjoyed by disabled and elderly persons and brighten their days!

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I'm so glad you're here, Annie! You have an excitement for the day that's contagious. :) Looking forward to your next post.

John Parks-Coleman

Great post, Annie! Music is SO important in the life of Caregivers and Carees. Interesting perspective from a guitarist that has ALS, Jason Becker. Watch Jason Becker: I'm Not Dead, Yet His father wrote a program that allows Jason to continue to compose and play, using only his eyes. He also developed a speech-tool in order to help his son communicate.

Lillie Fuller

Welcome Annie! I love your attitude!!!


Welcome Annie! What a blessing you are to those around you! May you have a wonderful time at the luncheon!