Just Give Me Five Minutes


Just Give Me Five Minutes

morgenrot-139436_640Since the middle of February I've spent most of my time with a loved one in the hospital or going on doctor appointments. Because of this I have also spent more time running errands.

Usually I take all this in stride. My family is quirky. It usually doesn't bother me. I handle crises most of the time fairy well. Now, I'm not saying I don't snap at loved ones at times or have mini-breakdowns. I do. And I feel like a jerk when that happens.

I'm a Christian. Usually I'm more private with my faith but I believe that in being one it helps me cope. Gives me peace. Holds my tongue ( A LOT).

But lately with all the various health issues family has been having I've gotten away from focusing on Christ. My temper is shorter. I have no filter on my mouth. I'm stressed and tired. I need a break. When I do a favor for someone and sit down I usually am asked to do something again.

(GIVE ME A BREAK! JUST GIVE ME FIVE MINUTES!) I yell in my head. I have been delegating more. That helps. I've also been going in our room more when I get irritated. That helps, too.

But what needs help more is my attitude. When I go to church, when I focus on my task for the glory of God I feel better. When I take care of myself I feel better. When I don't try to do everything on my own I feel better. I just have to remember that. A book I read recently by a caregiving.com member helped me. I need just to quit letting myself get in the way and try not to let verbal diarrhea and resentment take over.

Cause I'm right where I need to be  and in the end--for that I'm grateful.

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Thanks for posting the link to your article, it was interesting.


What an amazing post! Thank you and wish you many 5 minutes. I ask my husband for 20 when I really need it.


Ohhh, I love this post, Lisa. \r\n\r\nI wish you many, many five minutes.