Just Like I Like It


Just Like I Like It

I was gabbing on the phone with a friend when I heard my husband talking. I thought he was talking to my son until I quickly remembered that my son had just left with my daughter for a desert outing. Hmm, not sure why I didn't join them. Anyway, through distracted ears, I heard something about him picking someone up from the airport, someone staying at our home.

Oh, wait. This conversation needs my full attention, I thought  before I hurried my friend off the phone. Naturally, he was finished talking once I was ready to give my full attention. After some prodding, he repeated most of what he'd said.

A good friend of his was coming to town. My husband was going to pick him and his girlfriend up from the airport and bring them over to our home. And over the two to three weeks that the friend  would be in town I could expect his company when I arrived home from work.

Not good. Not good at all. The visit in general was good but not multiple visits to our home. When we have guests in our home, my husband tends to forget that we are not in the entertaining business. People come to visit him because they want to support him through this illness. In his mind, though, he wants to show people that he's still a great host. However, him hosting means me hosting. And, to be quite frank, I don't need anyone coming to our home that is going to increase my work load.

So far so good, though. I took  the day off work, partially to rest from a busy weekend, and the other part to assist my husband with going to the airport to pick up his friend. Then the four us went out for lunch. Luckily they visited after our lunch so no one asked me for much of anything when we got to our home. Just the way I like it.

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I totally related to the part \"to be quite frank, I don’t need anyone coming to our home that is going to increase my work load.\" When my DH suggests we have friends over to watch the football game together, I kinda cringe and react negative at first. It involves a meal, snacks and extra work (& one of them is in a wheelchair). But then seeing how much each of us perk up socializing together, makes it all worth it.. Also, we feel blessed to still have these friends, as most our friends are gone now.