Just Stay Busy


Just Stay Busy

Merry-Christmas-Photos-24Many things have changed since my daily caregiving of my Mom stopped when she entered the nursing home almost 2 months ago. Some good and some bad but that is life. Some of the good is that she has really made the effort to adjust to living there. She complains about some small things but she is wheeling herself down the halls, getting physical therapy and having lots of visitors. Very touching to me is her vocal appreciation for what I continue to do for her. I take her library books, dark chocolate, new nightgowns and spend lots of quality time visiting and talking with her. When she first went in I would take her to the bathroom (still in caregiver mode) like I did at home but I have stopped doing that and let the nursing assistants take her.

I started working through the temporary agency I have worked for in the past. I am really enjoying getting out of the house, being productive and earning a paycheck. I have a fairly long commute ( my last job before Mom came to live with me was 1 mile away) but I am even enjoying that alone time in the car. Do not know if it will lead to a permanent position but I have learned to not be such a worrier.

The sad news is that we had to put our sweet Magnolia to sleep on December 9th due to her steady decline from renal failure. She was almost 18 years old. We have no children so yes we treat our pets as family. Our older cat died 5 years ago but this has been really hard on us as we now have no kitty in the house. I know my husband wants to get a couple of kittens but he knows we are just going to need some time.

So that is why I am just staying busy. Busy working and commuting, busy attending church functions, catching up with friends, busy handling my Mom's financial issues and still trying to get her house sold, busy spending time with my husband and strengthening our bond. For me just staying busy is what I need right now.

My pastor prayed this morning for all who are not feeling the joy of the Christmas season. This can be a hard time of year for those who are grieving, have financial worries, broken relationships or can't spend the holidays with family or friends because of distance. I will of course just stay busy baking pies, volunteering and avoiding family feuds.

I hope you find some peaceful time during the holidays and are able to enjoy them. Just remember being a Caregiver is a gift. Not everyone can do it. You are special. You give because you truly care!

Merry Christmas

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Thanks for all the sweet comments_mysql. Hope everyone had a good day!


I'm sorry too about Magnolia. But glad to hear that your mother is adjusting well and you're reclaiming some freedom!


Thanks, Bootsie, for your gift-reminder about what it is we do, we Caregivers. I hope you are able to find more joy in your holiday activities. I am so sorry for the loss of your four-footer. I hope your holiday memories of how you spent it together bring you some joy and comfort. Thanks for thinking of us.


Hi Bootsie--It's always great to read your updates. I'm so glad to hear how well your mom is doing.\r\n\r\nI'm so sorry about Magnolia. The house must feel empty without her. I agree with Hussy that you'll know when the time is right for a new fur baby.\r\n \r\nI wish I could have a piece of one of your pies. :)\r\n\r\nWishing you and yours a peaceful and calm holiday.


I'm so sorry about Magnolia. I can't imagine our home without our beloved fur babies. When the time is right you will bring a new fur baby (or babies) into your lives.