Just What the Doctor Ordered


Just What the Doctor Ordered

img_3689I took this picture to share the relaxing view we had all weekend. Nothing could bother me out there. The rain didn't bother me, the skeeters were pretty well non-existent, I had no cell reception, and we were dry camping (no services). Ahhh... silence... of sorts.

In the evening we were able to listen to loons, a love lorn chickadee and the squirrels that were less than impressed with our presence. Mike and I spent the first night by the fire talking about what we needed to do in regard to all his insurance benefits and what we wanted to put in his appeal letter that we will have to get together. We have 90 days to appeal the government's decision, but we would like to get it in ASAP. The evening ended with us making a run for the camper with dogs and lawn chairs in tow before the thunder storm that had been threatening us made good on it's threat.

The next day we were able to avoid all clocks and just take the day as it came. We decided at some point that we should drop a couple lines in to the water and see what would bite. So we got set up on the shore, butts firmly planted in chairs and dogs tied to the chairs in the event that the a squirrel wanted to do a run by. We got our rods fitted with lures and it was time for the first cast. Mike cast out, Brutis watched and Fred barked. Next cast, Brutis watched and Fred barked. I think the bobbers were looking like fetching toys. So with repeated casting, watching and barking we called an end to fishing and took up residence by the fire with our books and relaxed.

Just what the doctor ordered.

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So glad you both had this break! Nature is the best entertainment. :-)\r\n\r\nYears ago my partner and I spent two weeks in an AMC cabin -- no electricity, no running water. We spent the days hiking. Brought everything we needed, including a camp toilet, which was utter luxury.


Sounds absolutely perfect! Glad you got to get away!