Just When You Think It's Safe to go Back in the Water...

drop-of-water-401326_640Well, Mom did not like going and having her nails done and eating lunch at the day care. I was determined that no matter what I would take her back this Wednesday, anyway.

Then, just like a day with a 92-year-old can go, she seems to have taken a turn. She is sleeping more and is getting hard to awaken. She is also not eating very much. I try to "sneak" in Boost as hot chocolate, and I make her oatmeal using it in the morning, but she does not want anything after dinner and is eating little.

I know these can be signs of her body starting to shut down, but when, exactly, am I supposed to take her to the doctor and say, "Do we need hospice?" She is not unwell, she has no fever, no pains, no complaints she just does not eat much and sleeps a lot.

I guess I need a manual, as I just don't know if I should act on this or just cruise along. And just when I finally said, Okay, I need some time for me. Oh well.

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