Keep Going...


Keep Going...

sand-166420_640I've been struggling to decide whether to blog or not.

Things with Marc have been going well. He's doing good with his recovery. There are some things that I worry about but nothing so much that I'm overly stressed about it. I keep an eye on him, as always, making sure he's doing what he needs to and getting him used to doing things for himself again so that I can hopefully go back to work soon.

And while his health seems to be on the right track for recovery, I still have a lot of things I have to do to prepare us both for the next phase in his care.

He's ready to go back to Arizona. I am ready to go back to Arizona. Yet, I haven't decided if that is the right move, just yet. After a few more appointments and his next scheduled MRI, I can make sure that we are on the right track with his recovery and make the decision at that time.

I am still emotionally drained from last month's events dealing with his doctors. Along with the fact that I am extremely frustrated because I have yet to find a job despite all the many applications I've filled out and interviews I've had. We seem to get to the same area of why there is a 6 month plus gap in my resume. I tend to be honest and let them know that I've been taking care of my husband and sometimes I just leave it out and blame it on the move from state to state but that seems to be the one area that always gives the most pause in these interviews and I am not sure which way is the most appropriate way to handle the topic. It's making me very frustrated.

Coupled with the fact that I have no energy, I am just feeling... blah, all the time. I've just become really discouraged. And I know I need to find an outlet and remember my reason for keeping up the good fight.

Anyhow, this morning I decided I needed a pep talk from Kid President. This cutesy little kid does webisodes. It usually picks me up and gets me going so I decided I would share two of my favorite episodes below. They're super short but very much worth the watch. Enjoy!

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Dear Casandra, You have some valid issues going on but so much better than a month or two ago!! I regret that we couldn't get together before Marc's surgery, but now it sounds like we should do something sooner rather than later . . . I feel like the right employer will \"get\" that you are a caregiver and not be afraid of \"what may happen IF they hire you\". Just going through the process of interviewing (opening doors & them closing) does take a lot of effort and is stressful!!! I like the \"Kid President\" pep talks :) You can only do one day at a time, that is all that God gives us. I miss my kids in Arizona so I understand the pull back to family.