"King's Point" Shows How We Age

751670_KingsPoint15-FrankBea_rsSeveral years ago, I visited Mirca Liberti, my mentor who co-founded Children of Aging Parents, at her retirement home she shared with her husband in Florida. It seemed like the life! Beautiful swimming pool, lots of activities, a leisurely pace. I envisioned my sister (and her husband) and I living in a similar community. Our life would consist of mid-morning dips in the pool, late afternoon cocktails and long lunches on our patio. We might even be able to fit in a round of golf.

I may have a different view after watching "King's Point," airing on Monday, March 11, on HBO at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT (6:30 p.m PT).

"King's Point," inspired by the grandmother of Director and Producer, Sari Gilmantells, tells the story of five individuals living in a Florida retirement community. The documentary offers an insight into how they view aging, illness and love. I have a feeling it will remind us of the angst we experienced in high school.

The trailer, below, offers a glimpse of what you'll see on Monday. If you would like to tweet as you watch Monday's airing, use #KingsPoint.

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