Kitty Comforts


Kitty Comforts

If it weren’t for the cats I would completely lose my mind.

Theirs are the only hugs I get, the only snuggles. One of them (Rumba) is especially pushy when I am upset. She cries, she nips, she rubs all over me until I stop. The nipping is kind of annoying and can actually hurt but at least she tries.

Watching the younger ones tear around the house playing is nice - until they knock something over of course but when you can’t go out for entertainment it’s better than nothing. And they are funny.

A couple of them will play fetch with their toys. Others like the toys on the end of sticks. It’s never dull. Although with all the human crazy around here, dull would sometimes be nice.

Mom’s cat Callie has been here nearly a year. She still won’t come out of Mom’s room unless I go and get her. She doesn’t stay out long either. She is afraid of the others still I guess. You would think that since her companion cat Missy died not that long ago and she has long wanted someone to play with she would like having other cats around. Nope.

Right now, Callie is holed up on her kitty tower while Sparky sleeps on Mom’s new chenille bedspread. Mostly Sparky ignores her growling and is the only one Callie marginally tolerates which is sad. She could have so much fun, Mom would appreciate having her on her lap while watching TV... it would be nice.

Nevertheless, the kitties are still here even though the human friends and family have vanished.

Of course, we feed them.


Peanut                              Callie                                Purrceval


Honey                             Rumba                           Sparky


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Cats just have the best personalities and bring such joy. We lost my cat a few months ago and still feel the void. Thanks for sharing your cat family with the pics.

Lynette Whiteman

This is how I feel about my dogs too! I love that they don't ever judge me, even when I'm sitting with a pint of ice-cream wallowing...