KO'd and Can't Fight No More


KO'd and Can't Fight No More

FB_IMG_1444760734342Why must caregiving be a constant battle?

You are doing a good thing! You are trying to bring comfort to your caree! So why does it seem everything is a fight? You fight with the doctors to get quicker care. You fight the pharmacy to get the proper prescriptions. You fight the insurance to cover your needs, coverage you paid for! And you fight Medicare to keep their promises of appeal for longer rehabilitation stays. In many cases, the biggest opponent you have is the one you are trying to care for!

The past few days I have fought them all, and quite frankly, I am defeated. I don't feel like fighting no more. I am raising the white flag. If they feel Gregg should come home one day sooner, then so be it. If the doctor thinks I am protesting because I want more time to myself (yes, that is what she told my husband), then so be it. And when the person you are fighting for turns around and delivers the coup de gras, what else can you do but give up!?

I just can't fight anymore.

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Taking a step back and gathering your breath is not giving up. You aren't giving up unless you packed a bag and are writing this post from your chaise lounge in Acapulco, which I doubt. You've fought the good fight, Colleen, and have to yield to circumstances playing out. Fighting means winners and losers. You don't lose when you sit out a round and gain strength to go back in.

Deirdre Moulnier

So sorry Colleen! I've been in similar situations but have never experienced a doctor attempting to triangle herself in to your relationship by turning things against you with your husband. You and hubby are in my prayers. Perhaps she needs time away from her husband and is projecting her marital problems on you!


Oh, I want to kick that Doctor for that comment! So sorry, Colleen.

Anthony Zullo

Sorry Colleen that you're dealing with this... Been there done that and still doing it ....I know exactly how you feel. Hang in ...it will work out ...that's my phrase I use when I get overwhelmed....