Kudos to All Storytellers Today!


Kudos to All Storytellers Today!

Medicine_and_a_Stethoscope.svg.medAwesome job everyone! Still trying to dry up teary eyes from your stories! Great job and God Bless!

We had appointments for both Mom and Dad today. Mom is doing well; Dad’s BP was a little high. He can’t seem to fathom why he has so much issues versus Mom. He always thinks that my mom should have more medical issues than he does because she’s paralyzed due to a stroke.

I felt bad for my mom today as she had to endure more lab work and immunizations. Mom has teenie tiny veins, so it’s always challenging for the techs to locate a vein. Always forewarn the techs, "You got three tries, and then we come back in a couple of days.” On the third attempt, they got a vein. Through her tears, she looked at me and said, "You buy me Filet-O-Fish now?” Of course! Now it’s time to wind down as they enjoy their ”Cheat Day” from McDonald's.

On a side note: I’ve worked at a doctor's office for years and have been pretty good at reading people. Reading people in order to approach them accordingly, but always with compassion! I wish (some not all) the staff would take into consideration the field that they are in, and realize that you need to be compassionate, especially in the medical field.

I felt my patience being tested at the Intake Desk upon checking out, that I had to check myself. WWJD? So I smiled and asked her, "So what does that mean? What should I do from here to make it easier for you?” We got things squared away. :)

Now I’m kicking my feet up at home, enjoying my mocha frappe and Caregiving.com. :)

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Hi--You are such a gracious way! I'm going to take a page from your book. What a kind way to take control at the Intake Desk: \"“So what does that mean? What should I do from here to make it easier for you?” \r\n\r\nI love that. :)


Thanks for the heads up Richard! Going to remember this for our next lab encounter. The frappe was deelish, just wasn't thrilled about it when I was still up at 3am:D Have a great day!