Last Nerve


Last Nerve

I swear I am on my last nerve right now.

This whole weekend has been one long battle.

I am more exhausted now than I was at 5:00 Friday when I got off work.

Everything is on my nerves.

When the hell does the Zoloft kick in? We're in week 5. She's still restless, she's still up every 5 minutes, she still will NOT leave the cat alone, she still follows me everywhere and is in my face all the damned time to drop whatever I'm doing to do something for her -- change the TV channel for example.

I have not had a minute to breathe. I don't even have anywhere I can go to have a good cry and let all this out.

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I hear you. I don't know your whole story, but it sounds exhausting. I hope you can cry, even with her, because that at least is a cleansing, a reset. God's peace