Late Update of 12/18/13


Late Update of 12/18/13

Professional Further Education in Clinical Pha...Wednesday: Mom came home from dialysis (3:30 p.m.), ate and went right to sleep. Woke up about 8:30 p.m., got her a snack and her bedtime pills and she went right back to sleep. I dropped my keyboard tonight and broke it only the numbers pad functions on it so luckily I know about the on screen keyboard in the accessibility options for windows so I can keep going until I pick up a new keyboard when I go out tomorrow.

Thursday: Met with the paying agency for getting paid for Mom and finished the paperwork required. The nice thing is it is the same company that is used for my friend so I can send the time sheets in together and I have the information to email them now instead of having to fax them! This is a new option offered by the company and not put out to the older employees yet as they are just starting. Sunday is the end of a pay period and my previous hours will be listed in this pay period but may not be paid out until next pay period as it takes one week to have all the info put into payroll system and that would put it after this pay period payment is sent out. This was how it worked for my friend as well over 2 years ago but we will get 2 weeks interest paid on it. Picked up an EZ eyes keyboard at the dollar store to replace my broken one.

Friday: Chiropractor today and then dialysis with the doctor at dialysis. Doctor wanted to change Mom’s phosphorus binder as it was raising her calcium but the new one is not formulary by her part D supplement that Medicaid bought her and Medicaid will note pay for prescriptions because they bought her the part D. To buy what they want her to have would be $900.00 per month. The only one that is formulary is the one she is currently on. We have the doctor filing the paperwork to request an exemption from the part D. Her CMO is also seeing what they can do about paying for it or getting it from the manufacturer on their drug program. We will have no more info till Monday. Laundry tonight. Get to laundry and change machine is out of order. Go get change and come back and then all washers in use. 1 hour later finely get a washer and start wash. Go to put in dryer and all the dryers are in use 45 minutes later I finally get a dryer. 6 ½ hours after I started for laundry I am finely done (11:30 PM)! Normally I am dune with laundry by 9:00 p.m. and I do not get paid any more for having to wait as CMO only approves four hours max for laundry. Laundry does take that long with having to dry my friends wraps on low and then having to roll them.

Saturday: Regular cares. Get ready for cookie back on Saturday.

Sunday: Regular cares. Cookie bake at my friend's apartment building. This was a fun time!

Monday: Chiropractor and dialysis for mom. Found a pharmacy that carries Mom’s new phosphorus binder in stock. Doctor has completed request for approval and sent it in. CMS has informed us they can not do anything until we here back on the exception request.

Tuesday: House cleaning main duties today it has been let go a little with as busy as we were.

Wednesday: Sleep doctor and dialysis for Mom today. We also went to the Christmas pageant at church this evening. Set up weekly pills for Mom. Sleep doctor told us to discontinue nasal rinse and prescribed a nasal spray according to him the rise with its saline dries out the nose on the CPAP and causes more congestion and the spray is a moisturizer. We found out that her binder is not formulary in a 30-day supply and would cost us about $900.00 for 30-day supply but at a 90-day supply is formulary and only $7.00 co-pay for 90 day supply. Doctor is redoing prescription for a 90-day supply then the pharmacy has to order it in and will be about two to three days to get it. Also had a discussion with Mom’s caseworker at her CMO as I have not received my driving package yet to get mileage reimbursement from them and the state service will not pay as she has the CMO and it has been more than a month trying to get this package. I am waiting to hear back from her on this as she had to check with another department that was out of the office for training. We found out that as of the end of the year Mom’s dialysis nurse manager is leaving the dialysis center and that she will be assigned a new nurse manager. We will miss her current nurse manager as she is very knowledgeable and very helpful. Christmas pageant at church was a fun time.

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Larry, I just love reading your updates. I think of you as someone who keeps the Christmas spirit year-round. :)\r\n\r\nI'm so glad you've got all the paperwork in order so you can get paid. What a blessing! And, you provide such wonderful care to your mom and friend that you are a terrific investment.\r\n\r\nWishing you and yours and wonderful holiday. And, I'm looking forward to reading about it!!