Laughing Doctor


Laughing Doctor

stethoscope-448614_640Well, we had to take Mom to yet another worker's comp doctor. We have been to well over 20 worker's comp doctors spanning four different states.

This time we had to travel an hour away and spend the night since Mom doesn't have the strength to go there and back without some flat-off her-back time in-between. So we get there early so I can fill out any paperwork--there isn't any. The doctor runs 15 minutes late which only adds to Mom's agony of having to sit up. She doesn't sit up for more than a few minutes in an average day. Today it was over three hours--pure agony.

So he calls our name and doesn't wait for us to get to the door. We go through the door into a maze of endless hallways and closed doors. We have NO idea where he has gone. I say, "Hello?" four times and finally a nurse appears and points down a hallway and says, "Go that way and turn." So we go down there and there are three more hallways with closed doors.

I say, "Hello?" again and the doctor comes out and says "Well, are you coming?" He then demands that Mom leave her scooter out in the hallway and walk into his exam room - a good 15 feet. She hasn't been able to walk that far in years! She said she couldn't and he said yes she could (mind you he has NEVER seen her before). He said, "You walk into the bathroom so you can walk into the exam room."

I corrected him and stated that she DOESN'T walk into the bathroom. He got angry and huffed at us and said fine, bring the scooter in. So he sits in his cramped office and tells her to come into the room and shut the door. But he is sitting in the way, there is no where she can go or maneuver. Finally he moves his chair and Mom is able to get inside, as am I.

He starts asking stupid questions that is covered in her history . I asked him if he had read her file; he says he skimmed a little bit of it and continues with the stupid questions. (If he had read her file, all of his questions would be answered. Why do doctors do this?) She tried to answer his questions but after a few minutes it was just too painful to talk, so I answered.

Every time he would ask a question and I would give an answer, he would write down the wrong answer. Then he would repeat what he wrote and I would have to correct him, then he would write the wrong thing down again! I can't wait to see his report; it will probably say Mom is a 20-year-old man with an eye injury or some such thing.

As I was explaining the disease she suffers from (he had never heard of the disease and he seems to not believe it exists) and the symptoms that she has and the agony that she is in, he seemed amused, he was shaking his head and smiling and laughing on the inside. He was LAUGHING at my Mom's pain!!! In agony, she said, It isn't funny. He just smirked at her.

He then wanted her to raise her arms way above her head - not possible for near a decade now. She said she couldn't. He told me to raise her arms and I refused, explaining that she is in too much pain to be touched. He said he would do it and I said no, as did Mom. We explained that she was on fire and couldn't be touched. I kept telling him that he didn't understand what she is going through and he admitted he didn't understand. I wanted to explain it to him but he wasn't getting it. This was not compassion!

She said she would scream and cry if she was touched. I had printed out several pages of information on her disease. He wasn't interested, wouldn't even touch the papers, I just kept pushing them closer. I wanted to give him a pain log I had taken. For a solid month I wrote down all of Mom's symptoms and pain levels every two to four hours so doctors could see where her pain is the highest etc. He WOULDN'T take a copy! He didn't want her info!

After asking several times for her to raise her arms and legs, and after telling him she wasn't able to do this, he told us to get out, leave, we were done. We were kinda shocked at the abruptness but we packed Mom up and drove an hour home.

I am so tired of these doctors who have no idea about this disease, laughing at us, hurting Mom, saying nothing is wrong with her etc etc. I can't tell you how many times doctors have said nothing is wrong with her, she just needs to get up and go to work and get over her depression.

First off, Mom has never been depressed so that isn't an issue! I have asked several doctors if they would hire a bedridden woman,  in constant agony, who can't use a phone, can't write messages, can't sit up, can't think clearly, can't do much of anything for herself. They all decline but one doctor had the nerve to tell me, "Well they have to pay someone to test mattresses."

It has been 14 long years. These doctors are paid to say nothing is wrong with people. I honestly don't know how they sleep at night! Anyone can look at Mom and see the pain etched in her face; hear her struggle to breathe as her oxygen tanks try to push oxygen into her body. They can see that she has trouble even maneuvering her scooter and can barely touch anything. They can feel her pain, her fire, her agony, it is palpable. Why do they lie?

The stress of these appointments and the sheer frustration when we get there reports is just torturous! Doctors, who took an oath to "first do no harm", they are torturing their patients! Many with this disease sadly end up committing suicide, and it happens a lot of the time after going to a doctor and the doctor doesn't believe them!

I just read about another person last week with RSD who took his life due to people not believing him about his pain. Invisible diseases are the hardest!

I know Mom will be down for a good month trying to recover from this trip. If only they knew what they were doing to her.

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Unbelievable! It makes me so sad knowing that this is what some people can expect from their doctor. Your poor mom, poor you.


OOOOOOH, LH, what a horrible experience. I'm so sorry this happened to both of you.\r\n\r\nI just can't understand how a professional, who took the oath to help and care for people, could do the exact opposite. I hope the suggestions from RoaringMouse and Pegi help.\r\n\r\nPlease keep us posted on you're both doing.


That doctor should be shot… \r\nSo sorry you and your mom have to keep going through this physical and mental torture!