Lectures, Leftovers and Caregiving


Lectures, Leftovers and Caregiving

projector-428665_640I used this as a post the other night on Facebook, and thought it would make a good blog title. As the night unfolded, I knew it would.

I'm still up to my neck in classwork for my two online classes, English Research and  Web Tools. Oddly, as much as I do enjoy blogging and creative writing, this English class is a constant struggle for me. But I have to have the class to graduate. So it must be done. Sigh. The main assignment so far this year was developing a proposal for research on a topic that was assigned to me. It's easy for me to write about things I enjoy, have knowledge about, etc. but not so easy for me to write about something someone tells me too. Maybe it's this stage of my life. Who knows.

Anyway, that evening I was able to get Dad settled with supper (leftovers from his favorite dinner), and I was looking at my assignment (yes, a little late in the evening AND on the due date). Bad idea, and I'm a huge procrastinator at times. It's one of my worst faults. I began reading lectures, there were several and printing out notes when I realized that for the presentation, that could be done as PowerPoint, not only did I have to do "voice over" in the slides I had to do VIDEO of myself on some of them as well. What???? Oh really? It's like 9:30 at night when I realize this. The assignment was due at midnight. Yikes!

So after I had developed my PowerPoint slides (easy part), I did the voice overs. Then I realized how horrific my Southern accent sounds. Don't get me wrong--I live in the South. I KNOW I have an accent and  dialect that's very stereotypical but seriously? I sounded worse than any actor had ever exaggerated the Southern drawl. Well enough of that, horrible voice or not, I had to do this. So I swallowed my "southern pride" and did the voice overs.

Now in the meantime, the last game of the World Series was on, so Dad was a happy camper. I checked on him several times (another delay) and was glad he was being entertained. Now for the video part. I'm not comfortable at all in front of a camera, for any reason. These people that take all the selfies. Umm, not me. Then when I do take pictures, for some reason I rarely smile. So I look like I'm being walked to a death march. Don't know why, it's just me. I keep hoping that will change.

Now, mind you, I had been in my pajamas all day. So not only did I need to put on makeup and get "cute", I had to change clothes. Dad sees me looking through my closet and I picked out a soft shell, a cardigan (of course ) a bra, and he said "Are you okay?" Well, no, I answered, then I had to explain to him what I was doing. By this time it was 10:30. I get dressed from the waist up, still have on my pj pants just like I'm going out to church or to some function. I sit in front of the webcam to do the videos and I am a nervous wreck. I got them done, through many "takes" and was very relieved when I finally uploaded the assignment. Yes, it was close to midnight when that was happening. My daughter came in from work and I know she must have been puzzled at me sitting at the kitchen table. From the waist up I looked like I could walk out the door. From the waist down I was ready for bed. I guess a selfie would have been appropriate.

She put Dad to bed for me (thank goodness) and when I went back there to tell him goodnight he said, "You look so pretty." He's always complimentary, and that is one of his best "outs" to get away with anything. I kissed him good night and he said, "You should go somewhere," I said really, now? He said well, you look so nice. Maybe you should just go out somewhere. So I guess according to him since I had on makeup and looked half decent, I should have gotten in my car and drove around town, or went to WalMart, or maybe even a bar if they were open. Not. That ship has sailed. The only reason I'd be out that late would be in case of an emergency, and the last thing I would be concerned about was my appearance. I just kissed him and said No, I don't think so. I'll just stay here.

Off to the bathroom I went to take off my makeup, and change back into my pajama top. So, my adventures in caregiving are still continuing. Still struggling to finish these classes so I can graduate and move on to the next chapter beyond that. I just thought this was a snapshot in my evening that was too funny not to share with you all.

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I finally got my grade everyone - 94 - yay!!!! Guess getting fixed up was worth it in the end!! Thank you for your sweet comments_mysql.


Your dad is so sweet!\n\nDid you get your grade???


Lisa, this is a great snapshot. It is so much like a parent, your Dad, to not puzzle about the things that didn't make sense but to see the part that did, your being beautiful, and that was what was important to him. Wonderful.


Awe, thanks for sharing. Yes, I got a chuckle out of the whole thing. What lives we caregivers lead.


Love it!