Lemons to Lemonade


Lemons to Lemonade

lemon-squeezer-609273_640Well, as most of you might have read, we miraculously got an appointment yesterday with Emory Cognitive Center for my husband. He has been given a probable diagnosis of behavioral variant frontotemporal degeneration. There are more tests to follow, but with his "troubling" family history (what the doctor called it), it seems fairly certain this will be the final diagnosis.

At this point, I have a choice. I can take this lemon and bite into it and pucker up and spit and sputter and generally make myself miserable, or I can squeeze it into a pitcher, add a heap of sugar, water and ice and have a refreshing fresh lemonade. I am choosing option two. I know I might get a seed in my mouth now and then and have to spit it out, but that is far more attractive to me then having a puckered face for the rest of my life.

Yes, I will now have two carees.  Some may say, "Yikes! What are you going to do?" I say, there is no difference than if I had twin two year olds! I intend to have as much fun with my twins as any mother has with their twins. I will take the same Mommy breaks they take. I will play as much with my caree twins as twin Moms do. We will have a routine, just like the mother of twins, in order to keep things moving smoothly.

Humor is in my nature. I intend to laugh a lot, and stay as positive as I possibly can for as long as I can. I have always been a glass half full kind of person. I see no benefit in hand wringing, to me, it just wastes minutes off memories I can make. Will I crash and burn on occasion? Absolutely! That is why I am here with other caregivers whose redwood roots will help me stand tall.

So bring on those lemons! I have banked recipes for lemonade, lemon bars, lemon cake, lemon pie, lemon chicken, lemon face scrub and any other lemon concoction I can think of to make these lemons work FOR me, not against me!

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I can only echo <a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/sara32742/' rel=\"nofollow\">@sara32742</a>: You go girl! :) You're realistic, which means you know what you need. And, that's awesome.


Thanks, Sharon, for allowing us to join you today in your victorious stand against the negative effects of citrus. I especially admire your concept of having Twins! Your sense of humor shows in just one tool of your well-supplied tool bag.


<a href='http://www.caregiving.com/members/srhall419/' rel=\"nofollow\">@srhall419</a>, you are going to make one fierce and amazing Twins Mom. I am adding Lemon Ice to your recipe box. :)