Let It Rain


Let It Rain

rain-122691_640I woke up this morning at about 5 a.m. to help hubby with bathrooming. I heard a strange sound outside my door; it was a strange and unfamiliar sound, kinda like the rustling of leaves. I opened the door to investigate and lo and behold, it was not leaves rustling. It was something wet. It was actually rain! (I live in Los Angeles and you can probably only appreciate this posting if you are living through a drought.)

Let the rain pour down
Let it soak into the ground
and revitalize the plants
As to the ocean it is bound.

Let it snow in the mountains
Let it snow day and night
Let the snow fall down
All thick and cold and white.

It’s been sunny so long.
It’s been dry and it’s been warm.
What we need to break this drought
Is a great big summer storm.

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