Let There be Lights!


Let There be Lights!

Through the Rainbow, public domainAs some of you know my family is struggling financially.

Well I would like to share how we were blessed the other day. On Friday night our electricity meter alerted us that we only had $4.00 credit. So my husband put our last $13 in the SRP machine. (The $13 will only last 1.5 days and we don't get paid again until next Friday.) When my husband returned to add the credit to the box, we noticed that the machine only gave us a $10 credit. So I called SRP to see where the other $3 went. The lady at SRP responded, "Well it looks like you never returned you SRP box, oh wait a minute, our mistake. Go back to the machine you have a $55 credit."

Thank you, Jesus! GOD IS SO GOOD!

If you are in a season of financial stress don't give up. He will take care of you!

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Hi--I am soooo glad for your lights. I hope the lights shine brightly for you and your family forever. :)


Bridget, \r\nI completely agree. Every time i have felt like giving up or couldn't pay one more bill, God came through for us too. He has his own time exactly when we need it. I am so happy for you.\r\n\r\nAmy