Letting Go and Moving On

Along with moving the other thing we seem to have been doing a lot of over the past year is letting go. We let go of just about everything we had amassed over the past 20 years. Starting with our house (and most of the things in it), my job, our motor home, our store, and our business. This weekend we said good-bye to the last of these things, our Jeep Grand Cherokee. As we went through this we have come to realize that each of these things served a purpose for a time. At one point each of these things seemed like an integral part of our lives, that we would have done anything and everything to hold onto. But we found ourselves facing a new reality and each of these things were no longer compatible with this new reality.

Over the past few weeks we have realized that we need a different vehicle. Last month I had to take Debi to her neurologist. She had been completely bed-ridden for the three weeks prior to that appointment. Miraculously we had been able to get her strength up enough that she could transfer herself from the wheelchair to the Jeep. But had that appointment been even a few days earlier, I would not have been able to get her into the Jeep. So we decided it was time to trade in for a van. We can get her into the van much easier, and she has a place to lay down if she needs to. Plus we won't have a car payment anymore. Which relieves another huge burden.

I've noticed that with each loss, it wasn't so much the loss of the item that we grieved. It was more the loss of normalcy that we grieved. Each loss was a stark reminder that her health is getting worse and that our lives are changing as a result. No matter how much we want it to stay the same, it isn't going to.

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