Life After


Life After

airplane-410299_640My caregiving journey ended in March with the passing of my grandmother.

I've experienced so many things in the last seven months. I've traveled to San Fransisco twice, Las Vegas, and Fresno area many times. I've been able to reconnect in person with my extended family whom I love very much. I've started a new job -- I'm an extended day-care instructor at a private Catholic school. I

n December I'm making one of my dreams come true by traveling to Japan! I'm so excited. It's been over ten years that I've had this dream and it's a goal that kept me going when caregiving days got really tough, when I thought I couldn't possibly survive another day.

I think it's really important to have something to look forward to. Short term goals and long term goals, whatever can get you through those tough days when you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes that goal can be to log on to and read a blog, leave a comment or join a chat. I know on some days just logging on here has saved my sanity.

I hope you find your light/goal. Thank you all for being part of my light!

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Hurray, Yolanda!!! I am soooo happy to read this update. I'm thrilled for you--you deserve all this and more.\r\n\r\nI'm looking forward to seeing your pictures!!


So great to hear from you. You seem to be in a good place -- very happy for you.


Thank you for reminding us to plan for something fun and positive to do after caregiving! Happy travels to you!


Wonderful to hear from you and hear about your upcoming trip. Enjoy every moment!