Your Life in a Ticky Tacky Box


Your Life in a Ticky Tacky Box

I'm preparing my mom's house for sale after her passing in August. She and my dad lived here 27 years. They were by no means hoarders, but I have been working since I got here in 2013 to clear the place out without disturbing her reference points while she was alive, and with aggression since she's been dead.

My mom's and dad's energy has been dispersed throughout this community, helping rescued animals, people with vision problems, abused women, church missions, the poor. Another local mission is picking up most of the furniture this week.

What remains is the stuff that fits in boxes. I spent the entire day yesterday properly organizing the family memorabilia. Photos, browned newspaper clippings, wedding announcements, a ribbon from a floral casket spray, a hospital menu from 1959, baby shoes, somebody's wire rimmed glasses. I guess I'm from a long line of archivists. None of this would matter to anyone else; but to me, these are the only things worth keeping.

Funny, my grandparents get one box that they share together. My parents each get their own box. When a life has been lived and you reduce it to something tangible, it fits in a box just like the human body.

With that chore done, I returned to my own packing. I didn't think I was a hoarder, either, but extrapolating this equation logically, I would be allotted two boxes. Well... I stopped at Box 13 and took a break. I actually own a home with my husband in Ohio and have lived there over 20 years. That's where all the GOOD STUFF hangs out. This just represents my foray into being a Snow Bird for three years.

How do you decide what you can live without, and what you can't? Who will decide about my boxes, when they get reduced from 13+ down to two?



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\"... Mama's dead body room ...\" HAHAHAHAHA!!! :D I LOVE that!


My momma passed (it'll be 3 yrs in Dec.) & I started in a few weeks after she left us getting her stuff organized & disbursed. Dad never would have done it & he knew that, so he asked me to deal with it. A lot of stuff was thrown away & if I'd taken much time to think about each piece, it would have been horrible ... but I worked until I started pausing for too long over a little nic nac or to smell a hair brush, then I'd stop for the day. I tend to be pretty extreme about \"stuff\" now. I culled my own junk down to about a third of a dresser drawer. Thanks to a couple yard sales, I got rid of a lot but had a LOT left over. I do regret giving away everything I didn't sell - some of it would have come in handy if I hadn't been in such a \"get rid of EVERYTHING\" mentality. But when it comes down to it, it was all just Stuff. I'm trying to live 'minimally' now so my kids don't have a lot of junk to deal with. My husb however hates getting rid of ANYTHING. We had stuff in our garage (until I struck) that still had the yard sale price tags on it - stuff HE'd bought from OTHER sales & put on his work bench with every intention of using it. We had ten freakin hammers before I had the last sale. Now we have three. My compromise is having those two Extra hammers. :) There are still lots of things not needed - that husb will NEVER miss or use again - but for now it all still sits where it is. The extra screw drivers don't really take up that much room & if it's that important to husb to have six of the same type & size, well, I guess I can live with that ... for now.


I've been thinking about this question a lot since cleaning and clearing my parents house. I am trying to get rid of everything we don't need, but there's this time factor... sigh. I guess I just hope I can get it done before I leave my kids to do it.\n\nThough... I think I'll leave a few treasures here and there.