0 can seem to turn the light off in your life.

You spend so much time inside -- the house, the hospital, your worries -- you can't really get outside. You're in the dark about the light.

You can flip the switch and bring in light. You can create, you can write, you can read, you can pray, you can meditate.

You can flip the switch and go out into the light. You can go for a walk, sit in the backyard, plant your garden, watch nature.

In a time that feels so dark, know that you can bring the light. You are the light.


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Yes, even though sometimes we feel like neither, the bible tells us that we are to be salt and light in this world.


Thank you, Denise. Much needed perspective in a sleepless early-morning moment.


Amen. And what's more, you are the reflection of the light of God, for someone else.

Leslie, The Visionary Passage

I love the reminder that we are the light. What a lovely mantra during trying times!