sun-69228_640It can seem that you run into limits everywhere you turn.

The day has limits--it only has 24 hours but you need 36.

The credit card has limits--you need $100 but the card will only approve $50.

The debit card has limits--you're in line to buy $50 worth of groceries but the bank account only has $5.

Your patience has limits--you need another 30 minutes to get through the personal care routine but you lost your patience five minutes ago.

And, your caree has limits. You wanted your caree's good health to last so much longer. The limit on your caree's good health is long exhausted.

The limits can really discourage, even demoralize.

When you've reached your limits, what can you do?

Look to what's limitless in your life: The relationships that remind you that love is limitless, the faith that reminds you that blessings are limitless, the song you love which fills you with limitless energy, the sunrise which reminds you that nature thrives within its limits

Your day, your life has limits. How much we support and believe in you is limitless.

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You hit the nail on the head with this. I'm going to share this with my facebook group. I know several people in there can relate as well. Thanks for a well written piece.


This certainly captures the frustrations caregivers feel at every turn. But there are a lot of limitless things out there if we look for them. The things that really count any way. Thanks for bringing that out too.