From Bitter Reality to Resilient Living

Worries were piling up, and January has about 492 days. So, I set off on a 27 degree early morning walk at Martin Nature Park in OKC.

Trails are dirt and rock, no pavement, which always makes me feel like I’m further from the city. On this frigid day, I was the only one out there for most of my stroll. Deer, ducks, and beaver were plentiful. And about half a mile into it, tensions began to release their grip on my thoughts. I’ve hiked this park since 1998, always with similar results.

Sometimes I arrive with a specific issue to resolve or item to pray about, but on this day I decided to just listen and watch. The cold heightened the sensations of smell and touch. In fact, it was cold enough I could taste it. And so I watched and listened. Birds, cars in the distance, the gurgle of the stream, and quiet.

Into the quiet, I rested my soul as I walked. For over an hour, no rush, I ambled along, receiving cleansing perspective on everything and nothing. I really needed this.

It’s hard to leave for a walk and come back feeling the same as you did when you left. Wherever you walk, I hope you’ll get out and just listen and watch.

Worth Repeating
There are moments when all anxiety and stated toil are becalmed in the infinite leisure and repose of nature.

-Henry David Thoreau

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This is absolutely spot on. Without my Nature walks in favorite parks, gardens and nature preserves, I would not be able to get the vital renewal of spirit that keeps me going year after year as a caregiver. You’ve described the sensations and effects of those walks perfectly.


Thank you for that wonderful post. Your beautiful line, “into the quiet I rest my soul” sounded like It should be in a poem and I was inspired: Into the Quiet \r\nInto the quiet, I take my walk\r\nAs I listen where only God can talk.\r\nAs I watch and taste and feel \r\nThe stillness and the cold.\r\nInto the quiet, I rest my soul.\r\n by Bruce and Michelle \r\n\r\nSent from my iPho


Yes. Yes. Yes! Beautifully written.