Little Oasises in the Caregiving Experience

We were able to go away for a few days last week to the WI Dells with my son's family and my daughter-in-law's father. They took out the back seat of their van, and the guys were able to lift my husband's mobility scooter into the van. This made my husband's time away more enjoyable. In fact, it was more enjoyable for everyone because nobody had to push the wheelchair. We were able to visit about three of the water parks while there, and could walk to all of them inside the building.

I think I was more self-conscious in a swim suit because of my mastectomy even though there was nothing noticeable. Otherwise it was an enjoyable break. My husband, Wayne, could not participate in any of the swim activities, but he could go along and watch. The granddaughters would take turns riding on his scooter with him when we went to and from the water parks.

We also always enjoy our Thursday nights suppers at my son's family's home. I further have done a few substitute teaching days this year, and I help my daughter-in-law with homeschooling our local granddaughters on Wed. mornings. Finally, church choir and woman's Sunday school has started again this fall. I went to a woman's Bible study this summer too which was a real blessing. I find when I have these little breaks from caregiving, I am better able to keep things in perspective and keep my spirits up.

I recently purchased a sleeper sofa also. It is in our "spare" room in our small apartment. It stands where our desktop computer used to stand. (We now have a laptop in our bedroom.) This room I have made my little retreat room to kind of get away from it for awhile. Sometimes the world can start to close in with caregiving issues facing me seemingly all the time in our small apartment.

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