Little Treasures


Little Treasures

My son and DIL had a function that they were working at, and asked me if I wanted to stay with my 4 grandies. I jumped at the chance to spend 4 days with them. I left on Thursday, while Hurricane Michael (now just a tropical storm) was heading straight for us. I was Not letting another hurricane keep me from taking a break.  The trip to see the grandies is normally 5 hours.  The route I took, kept me on the far outer reaches of the storm.  I just experienced some rain and a little wind.  The sun came out and the traffic stopped. I checked my map app to see if there was a way around.  Nope! I apparently missed the storm, but not the flooding.  So, I said, Quality thought time, and waited for traffic to move.

Time with the grandies was delightful. Not so much for the people back home.  Bill was extremely aggressive and it took Beth hours to get him to do anything. She called me three or four times a day, just to calm down.  Add to the fact that she is now caring for her father, my Ex, in our home. He has mouth cancer, and is so frail, that they are afraid to do any surgery, until he gains more weight.  He absolutely cannot help with Bill.  Apparently, during one of her worst struggles with Bill, Ex got out of bed, snagged his feeding tube and yanked it out.  So, Beth is now trying to find someone to get him to the hospital and still take care of Bill. Her stress level added to Bill's and made him even more aggressive.

My first inclination was to come home and make everything better.  I fought back that feeling and stayed with my grandies.  I took them out to yard sales and taught them how to haggle the prices.  We came home with a trunk full of treasures for $21.  We played games and read books.

I even stayed long enough to spend an hour with my son after his function was over.  The plan was to come back late on Sunday night, and I stuck to it.  I .am just as exhausted as I was before the time off, but, I also feel so renewed. Beth kept me up into the wee hours of the morning, recanting some of the things that happened that she would not tell me for fear I would(not) come home.


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It's great you had that time together with the grandkids :)


The grandkids are the best. Aren’t they?


Proud of you.