Long Time Since I Have Been Here


Long Time Since I Have Been Here

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven't written very much in the past couple weeks. I have been busy. We are now caring for our granddaughter five days a week, nine hours a day. She is a very active 3-year-old. We enjoy doing it, but it does get tiring at end of the day.

Mom is doing well. She still has her days where I could drop her off a nursing home and never look back. I get over that and life goes back to normal for a couple days.

I still get angry with two out three brothers for not helping me with Mom. John and I took Rory (my nephew, age 6), Annaliese (our granddaughter, age 3) and my sister-in-law (Rory's mom) to Lego Land about 75 miles from our home. We went in our RV and stayed in a state park, which was super nice and had great weather while we were there. My hubby stayed at the RV, and my SIL and myself and two kids went to Lego Land. First day went great, got there before the crowd got, we even got a compliment on our kids being so good eating lunch. We walked about 3 1/2 miles that day, and we didn't have a stroller. Once we got home the kids were so tired we had hard time getting them up the next day because I had bought a two day pass because it was cheaper. The second day we only stayed there for a couple hours and headed home.

We got home and found out my oldest brother had taken care of Mom while we were gone. He is the brother who helps all the time for me.

Found today my brother who lives in GA is coming down for his two-day visit. I told him he didn't have to stay in hotel because John and I would be going out for the weekend while he was here so he could care for mom.

Christmas was great. Mom behaved herself and I didn't get upset with her. I was super tired when the holiday were over with.

I reading a blog on this site how someone is afraid when they tied down and can't have any free time. There are respite out there that will help. You as a caregiver must take care of yourself.

My hubby and I made a promise we are going to try and get away once a month alone.

We have two big things thing to celebrate this year. We will be married 35 years in February and in June I have been 10 years cancer free. So we are hoping for a nice 2015.

The pictures, above, are of me with my two little ones on Christmas day and one at Lego Land.

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Hi Janet--Happy New Year! I love that you and your husband will take a weekend away every month. Such a good idea. Keep us posted on where you go and what you do. :)\r\n\r\nThe photos are just great. I'm so glad for your good news to start 2015. Wishing you and yours many blessings in the coming year.