Look for the Funny


Look for the Funny

Found this on Facebook and it reminded me so much of Dean these days. "Show me a man with both feet firmly planted on the ground, and I'll show you a man who can't get his pants off." I had just been to visit my husband at the care center, and ended up helping him change into some different lounge pants, so this statement caught me at a time when I needed some humor.

It's strange how my visits there seem to cheer Dean up, but they sometimes have the opposite effect on me. When I only see him two or three times a week, I notice his decline more, I think, than when I was with him all day, every day, at home. At least, that's what I'm blaming it on.

Besides that, I was too busy to be depressed when he was home (although I know you can be depressed and so busy, you don't even recognize it). So I try to keep busy with him gone just to hold those sad moments at bay. It's not hard really, with my church and volunteer work. I wonder how I was ever able to do it all when I was caregiving here at home.

Still, I look for moments of humor to pull me out of my occasional despairing reveries. This morning I watched an old classic detective show with Dick Van Dyke. A man on the show asked someone on the phone about his location. When he told him he was in an extended care center, the other person said, "Oh, a nursing home, eh?" To which he replied, "It's not a nursing home. It's a way of life." It just struck me as funny, even if a bit tragic at the same time.

I can laugh at things like that. Evidently, my husband can to. I told him about it, just for his reaction. He thought it was funny. Of course, I've heard him talk to friends on the phone about his location, and he says, "Well, they've still got me in lock-up."

So, you've just got to find the humor in life. It's usually there, if you look for it. Because there's no fun in the alternative.

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\"So, you've just got to find the humor in life\"....\"there is no fun in the alternative\"...well said & so true!