Looking Back, Looking Forward, Living in the Moment

cloud-600224_640I’ve has several intimate relationships during the passage of my long life. Most have ended badly, sometimes because of me and often because of life’s circumstances.

But now I have my sweet Elsie. We met in a unique way and in a special place at the right time in both our lives. I think we never fell in love; we were just too busy having an adventure and enjoying our lives together.

Now I have come to appreciate what a treasure we have found in each other as we enter into our final honeymoon period. Finally I have the good fortune to be in a relationship that will have a special bittersweet ending when the time comes for us to separate and follow our new paths.

It’s a joy to have Elsie’s complete trust in me as she slips away and becomes more dependent on my being there for here as the days and minutes go by.

And it’s a blessing for me to be able and willing to devote more and more time with her during the final times that we will be together.

This ending will be painful, but never less the true proof that we have found something in each other that is very special. We are lucky to have experienced a bond that requires total commitment to each other as we say goodbye and Godspeed.

But for now I must clean the bathroom and sweep the patio.

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