Looking for the Positive Today


Looking for the Positive Today

(Editor's Note: We welcome Sue, who cares for her husband, to our blogging team today. You can connect with her on her profile page: @suzanneelliott.)

sun-183742_640Looking for the positive today so here is my list so far:

* We both slept quite well with no unwelcome events in the night.

* I got out and went walking with my best girlfriend and then had breakfast with her afterward at a nice cafe. I got a "to go" order for my husband at home. He was so pleased to have a change of taste for breakfast/brunch rather than his "usual".

* I was able to get my husband in and out of the shower without incident - he always feels so much better after a nice shower.  I cut his toe nails - boy did they need it. After this post I will attempt to get him to sit outside in some sunshine for 10 minutes or so. I keep telling him he will feel better after being out in nature for a little while rather than sitting and watching TV all day.

* I have my wonderful caregiver lady coming tomorrow and Tuesday mornings to help out. I can then go and do shopping and other things without worry. Tomorrow afternoon I have to take my caree to the pulmonary specialist,  which will take hours but at least I will have had a break in the morning.

Wishing all of you positive rays of sunshine each day this week!

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Thanks, Sue, for reminding me there is so much positive, even in the little things. Glad you're blogging.


Hi Sue--I'm so glad you are blogging! Your morning sounds just lovely. That's a perfect morning in my book--walk with a friend and then breakfast after. \r\n\r\nI hope your husband was able to enjoy some time with nature. :)\r\n\r\nKeep us posted on how you do this week. I wish you many rays of sunshine, too.