Looking for Work While Navigating Caregiving


Looking for Work While Navigating Caregiving

looking-for-a-job-68958_640This afternoon, Kathleen (@MimbyNYC) joined me on Your Caregiving Journey to share her caregiving story. You can listen to our show via the player, below.

Kathleen's caregiving story began after losing her corporate job in 2008. Within a short period of time, she found herself looking for a job while looking after her dad, her mom and her aunt. Her job search finally landed her a full-time job, which she began just a few weeks ago. She continues to care for her mom and her aunt, who both live in separate homes. Her dad passed away in 2009.

With so much going wrong in such a short time, I asked Kathleen to discuss how she found the focus to search for a job. We also talked about whether she worried if she could keep a full-time job and manage the needs of her mom and her aunt. During our show, you'll hear that Kathleen has a centered, calm approach to facing what's in front of her.

Have you looked for a job during your caregiving experience? I'd love to hear your experiences; please feel free to share in our comments section, below.

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The Unit Known as Shandi

Thank you, Denise and Kathleen. Just what I needed today!


Wonderful show!\r\nI identified with much of what Kathleen was saying vis a vis self-preservation, getting ideas for priorities while walking (I carry my journal with me), being at peace with one's own ignorance, more.\r\n\r\nI freelance and work from home. My clients are mostly those I had while I both freelanced and worked a full-time job up north, plus new clients. I am fortunate in that I currently don't have to look for more work to make ends meet, but I've been there.


In my journey right now, I volunteer two days a week which has proved to be very helpful in so many ways. I'm not ready yet to return to full-time work but that certainly is my goal. I love what I'm doing now and hope something may open up that I feel I can manage and that I love to do. I'm writing articles for a Wellness and Recovery Newsletter for mental health consumers. I always wanted to be a writer and this current volunteer work and the people I work with are really helping me \"come back to life\" from severe depression.