Lost and Found


Lost and Found

maze-56060_640Oh My Goodness!! It was The Day, Sunday, and I was to leave on the train to go to Oregon and the hearing aids are gone!!! I secretly was happy since I had enough of all the squealing from those two!!! I felt bad leaving AH with Elly and no hearing aids but, what could I do??

So, Friday was Elly's Hair Day. It was a special one since she was going to have her hair cut and permed. Every Friday the hairdresser comes to the house and sets Elly's hair then comes back later to comb it out. Her hairdresser is an angel; she picks up Elly and takes her to the shop just a few blocks away and does the cut and perm. I see Elly leave - without her hearing aids in because of the water and hairspray, of course! She comes back beautifully coiffed. Nothing seems out of place.

On Sunday, after we came home from church, Elly tells us that her hearing aids are lost, she can't find them. We look everywhere we can think of. I try to look in the bedroom with Elly but everywhere I look she says, "They aren't there, I already looked!" So, Elly went next door for Sunday lunch but AH and I made lunch for his family here since they were in town and then would take MotherinLaw to the train station with me. While Elly is gone, I check all the places hearing aids have been known to disappear to: the garbage, under the bed, under the couch, between the cushions, dress pockets, hamper, toilet?? and dresser. When she came back, I tried to help her remember where she had them last. Even though I told her she didn't wear them to the Beauty Shop, she insisted that is where they were and she would have to call on Monday morning.

I left for Oregon. I didn't think about hearing aids nor hear any squealing--MotherinLaw doesn't wear any. When I came back on Friday, the hearing aids were still missing. Saturday morning the hearing aids were nestled together on the table in the family room (squealing of course). I asked Elly where she found them. Oh, she said, they were in a dress pocket. She said that she was able to remember that on Sunday morning she tried on a dress that she had never worn. When she was trying the dress on, the hearing aid got snagged so she took them out and put them in the pocket. Elly said that she didn't like the dress so she took it off and forgot the hearing aids. End of Story!

Elly said that the dress needs to go out into the Thrift Store bag since she doesn't like it and will never wear it. I still have no idea which dress it is but am glad the hearing aids were found.

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Hi--How was your trip??? \r\n\r\nI have missed you! :)\r\n\r\nAh, the hearing aids. Talk about a technology that needs updating. I soooo hope the options are better for us when we get older.\r\n\r\nWe had a loud storm roll through at 3 a.m. the other night. The next morning, I asked my parents if they heard it. Neither did. My dad believes he didn't hear because the new windows are so sound proof. I didn't have the heart to suggest he didn't hear because he doesn't sleep with his hearing aids in. I do worry that an emergency will happen at night when I'm not there and they won't hear it. \r\n\r\nAnyhooo.... Looking forward to hearing about your trip.