Lost and Laughing


Lost and Laughing

English: Niah Caves - Malaysian Borneo. Entran... English: Niah Caves - Malaysian Borneo. Entrance to the Great Cave. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After last night's chat I found myself wondering when the last time was I had laughed so hard and when was the last time I found humor in this journey of caregiving and where is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Well, it's right there if we look for it, in the cave that we think is a trap, in our Inboxes on this site, in a walk around the block, in a swim, in a nap, in paying bills,  in the eyes of our mothers who we think don't see but they see plenty~ they  see our love.

When my mom is stressed her pupils get 'thin' and I think I heard her say, I'm stressed. But through this wonderful community and some beautiful insights, it's because I see her actions and reactions. So she says plenty. So does Dad by leaving her in my care.

I still get unbelievably frustrated when he leaves and says she will be OK and I'm stuck here trying to figure out where he is and will she really be OK if I leave for a second.  I have to live my life and I feel so lost juggling my life and caring for Mom ... and Dad. Found two lovely messages in my Inbox here from friends I've made who just had me on the floor laughing!

Went to see Lone Ranger and decided, OK if I can't go to Hawaii or whatever cave that pic is from I'll take a vacation day to watch Johnny Depp crack me up! I wonder if this resonates with anyone when they want to say something but it just ... won't ... come ... out ... thank you all!  il

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Bless your heart Denise! Thank you for being there for so many people!


Hi--I love the idea that laughter will help you get found. :) There's so much that's serious about caregiving that you can get sooo lost. Taking time to enjoy what makes you laugh is really and truly the best medicine. :)


Yup, it's hard to find balance in the midst of all the mini ups and downs! Bless your heart for this . . . I like this reminder to live without regrets ~ even if I lose my temper from time to time~ to allow that and forgive myself or it will get worse. And no nothing is easy and to try and make memories to enjoy eventually. And The Lone Ranger is silly but funny! Depp is hilarious as usual ( to me :) ) il


I think I will go see the Lone Ranger now that you mentioned it! It is so hard to figure out when it's okay to walk away and live an hour or so of your own life! We talk a lot about balance here so keep sharing and you'll hear how we work at balance every minute of every day! Living without regrets is hard too which is what I thought I could easily accomplish in the beginning. Nothing is easy, just make memories you can laugh at and eventually enjoy!

Casandra Porter

I am glad you are finding time to take a break and find some joy. I am learning and it is a process because sometimes we forget ourselves in the juggle of the everyday caregiving life. I am sorry you are so stressed and frustrated with your Dad's actions but you are a wonderful daughter for caring enough to want to make sure she is okay.