Lost? Found?


Lost? Found?

You know how things go. Sometimes we just can't "see the forest for the trees" and it takes something as obvious as a proverbial 2 x 4  topside the head to see straight.

My last blog post developed into something like that.

The wonderful and supportive responses received just warmed my heart and reminded me that in this journey we are not alone.

Last week I was feeling lost, alone, sad.

I didn't even find satisfaction in my crochet or knitting. Everything just seemed "too much".

I was stuck in my own horrible pity party.

And as I was searching online for more graphics that could help me put into words where I was mentally, I found one that mentioned being lost and finding one's self



That must be it!

I've lost myself (the person that is "me") in this journey.

The idea of being lost somehow haunted me all week.


Then this morning I found the graphic above.

Could this be it? I'm not really lost. I've just taken on/dealt with so much crap that I'm somehow buried under it all?

But "my truth"? My "purpose"? What are they?

Doing what "LIGHTS ME UP"? What does light me up?

Seems like maybe I have some thinking to do.


And I do have to be brave.

     And take that first step

And start something "new" that is all me, and will light me up

Be a passion

                  Because in order to help someone else I have to be good first!

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