Lucky Us!


Lucky Us!

holiday-83186_640We live at Rose Villa in Portland, Ore. What could have been a lonely and sad holiday season has been so very different for many reasons.

Yes, Elsie and I live with dementia which is challenging, but we are meeting it head on with lots of support from friends in the same boat, and a caring staff watching over us. We have a sweet little cottage and a fairytale life.

The invasion of the Alzheimer's has simply brought us closer together. We have been able to let go, enjoy what we have today, and hold each other tight. No sad songs in our little cottage, we continue to live our final honeymoon. has been a bright light with all the positive posts from names starting to become familiar. Thank you all for the sharing and community. It is bittersweet to know that we are not alone on our journey.

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daffy don

Thank you all for your comments_mysql - there is a gift to connecting. It provides a joy of seeing a little bit of my Elsie and myself in other caree's and caregivers, and realizing that we’re not so awfully alone. We are simply a part of it all, experiencing each others experience, strength, and hope - one day at a time.


Thank you for sharing this beautiful and inspiring post. I live in Florida but my home can't hold a candle to the warmth in yours.


What a great reminder to see the glass as half-full. You are still making wonderful memories that will always be a part of your lives. I wish you and your beloved Elsie a wonderful 2016 and thanks so much for this post.