Mark Your Calendars


Mark Your Calendars

television-remote-control-525705_640Most of you know that I am studying Radio/TV Broadcasting at the Illinois Media School in Lombard, Ill. Part of the program includes a TV News module. At the end of the mondule, the class does a 30-minute newscast.

We are recording and also live streaming the newscast. This will be your opportunity to see me "do my thing" on the air. I am one of the news anchors on the show.

The event happens on Thursday, November 12th at 9 p.m. Central time.

The link to watch the newscast is

If anything else, you get to see me wear a dress shirt, tie and jacket on camera.

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So glad you gave us the heads-up, Jamie. Best of luck!! Looking forward to watching.


Ok Jamie. I did a test run, I know how to get there. Good luck.


Cool, Jamie. I'm so glad you have school in your life right now.


Don't worry Sally. I'll put the link up again that day