May We Be...


May We Be...

heart-462873_1280I have been made aware of "lovingkindness practices" a couple of times over the last several years. Recently, I went to a mindfulness and mediation workshop and a "lovingkindness meditation" was one that we tried. Then, a friend brought along a book to a coffee chat called The Gift of Lovingkindness and suggested it to me. I ordered a used copy from Amazon.

I have learned that when something presents itself a couple of times in a short span of time, I need to pay attention.

As I understand it, with my very novice understanding, giving a gift of lovingkindness (to yourself or others) is a little like pronouncing a blessing, stating your longing for the other person or for people as a whole.

That led to me posting just a few on my activity stream yesterday the specifics of what I was wishing for all of us as I awoke yesterday.

"May we be kind. May we be at peace. May we tend to ourselves as well as our carees. May we seize the day. May we create moments of joy."

Denise suggested that I write a blog post elaborating on the "May We Be's" so here it is :)

I hope you'll join me in adding in the comments those gifts of lovingkindness we can give one another by posting your own "May We Be's" for the members and visitors of I chose "may we be" rather than "may you be" so that I could include myself, befriending myself and stating intentions for myself as well.

If you want to add some, please comment or post them in your activity stream or write a blog post.  How fun would it be to have our "May we be's" explode throughout the site, welcoming our new members and encouraging all?

May we have courage.

May we know this is sacred work.

May we trust that all will be well.


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May we be full of grace and love as we accompany our carees on their pilgrimage.


May we encourage the new caregivers to find help quickly and not try to go it alone.\nMay we encourage the current caregivers daily that they are doing a excellent job and have everything they need.\nMay we stand with the past caregivers as they integrate their previous life into the future.


May we be content\nMay we be give ourselves permission to chance our course when needed\nMay we be brave to share our fears and our successes with other who make this journey\n


May we be patient.\nMay we assume positive intent.\nMay we be curious and creative.\nMay we ask for help when we need it (and allow others to help when they offer!).\nMay we allow ourselves to be imperfect.

Lillie Fuller

May we respect each others journey. \nMay we hold sacred what we learn about each other! \n

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