Me at NCC17


Me at NCC17

Greetings Everyone!

I want to start by sharing my thanks and appreciation for you. Thank you for taking the time to visit my post and furthermore visit

There is a lot on this website: community, daily chats, resources, education opportunities, CEUs, a place to vent and share and grow.

This post is a guide to help you find me at the National Caregiving Conference.  I am here to help and support you as you journey as a caregiver.

In brief...

I will be speaking three different times at the conference.

Friday, November 10th

-9 a.m. Technology Panel

What technology is currently available to help you during caregiving? Our panelists will share an overview of what’s available as well as offer suggestions as to the technology you need but cannot find.


  • Claudia Cook

  • Carl Hirschman

  • Andrew Koch (Me)

  • Jackie Schwabe

-11 a.m. Caregiving 101: Boldly Surviving with Carolyn Grant, Andrew Koch, Lisa Riggi

Carolyn, Andrew and Lisa will share tips, techniques, information and insights to help those just beginning their caregiving experience.

Andrew will his humor and heartaches as well as three essentials for the caregivers toolkit: 1. “S.T.O.P Technique” 2. “Visual-Verbal-Touch” 3. “Hand – Over – Hand.

Carolyn will be explore the complex emotions that new caregivers face and present the keys to survival through the ups and downs: humor, humility, gratitude and forgiveness.

“Mom isn’t paying her bills?”
“I noticed dad isn’t taking care of the yard like he use too.”
“Did you notice the bruise on Aunt Sue’s arm? I wonder how that happened.”

Have you said these comments to yourself? Or, maybe a spouse or friend? This is the first stage of caregiving.

Based on Denise Brown’s book, The Caregiving Years: Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey, Lisa will introduce you to the first two-stages of the Caregiving Years: the Expectant and the Freshman Caregiver.

Saturday, November 11th

-11 a.m. Working with Wellness: The Caregiving Years with Andrew Koch

Individuals will be introduced to the concept of working with wellness as a paradigm shift in our approach to care. Built upon the contrast of “well-derly” & “ill-derly”, participants will practice an activity that offers a framework in which individuals, families, and communities can bring their unique perspectives together to support the caregiver and caree in multiple domains of their life. Emphasis will be placed on the Physical, Functional, Energetic, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Transpersonal, and Overall wellness of the caregiver and caree as they journey together through the caregiving years.

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