"Me Time"


"Me Time"

mcDonalds(11 pm - laptop, music & a glass of wine by my side)

My father was a loner. So am I.

I am a social person, really. I worked as an advertising sales representative and most days you can't shut me up once I get going. But I have always needed quiet time to really feel like myself. I can remember resenting it when my kids got old enough to stay up after 10 pm. That last hour or two of the evening, after hubby hit the sack, was my time to myself. I have to admit I was a happy camper when they moved out and I had my quiet time back.

My mother has lived with us for almost four years now. The months since December, when mom became non weight bearing have been hard. So many people in and out of the house. Caregivers 8 hours a day, every day, week in, week out. Nurses, doctors, therapists - not to mention hubby and the occasional kid visit. Now that mom is on hospice the parade has increased again.

During this time hubby and I have gotten out or away to have "our time" but finding "me time" has been elusive. Believe it or not, the local McDonald's has become the answer. A few times a week, on the way back to the house from an appointment or a shopping run, I turn into the McDonald's, go through the drive through and order myself a Mocha Frappe. Instead of going home, I circle around, park, turn off the car and take out my iPhone and fire up the Kindle app. I sit by myself and read until I have finished my drink. Alone. Just me and my book. No mom, no caregiver, no hubby.

It has been my salvation. My way to remember who I am, to be with me. Because that time alone helps me be able to go back and take care of mom just a little bit better. Better because I took the time to take care of me.

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Wow, that's a great post. You know the thing I find most encouraging is that you still know what you need to make yourself whole. You are still in touch with your inner you to listen to it and really hear it. That is great, that is essential. Hurray for you! Do it!


I can't thank you enough for this suggestion. I too am a socially skilled introvert ;o) -which is incredibly confusing to all my friends an family......What I've recently found myself doing is taking time after night meds have been taken to sit outside with my ipod (or not) and just me. The problem with that is that I'm losing sleep time. Sending you loving support.


I know exactly what you are talking about, I go through get my sweet tea (for those not southern it means when they make it they put sugar in the tea.) Anyway my mom think I should take stock in McDonald since I buy sweet tea everyday. It my little world that no one is there except me and my tea.