Medical Line-Up!


Medical Line-Up!

This entry is a follow-up to "Adventures in Self-Care."

First -- I'll get a printout of my blood work results in a day or two from the local collection center, but basically my numbers are golden. :-) GP was very happy (me, too).

The day after my eye exam next week, I'll go a bit farther down the road for a mammogram and my first bone density test, since I am now -- and finally -- menopausal. Told my doc I was lifting weights. :-)

She gave me yet another referral for a colonoscopy, and I explained to her (as I did in my prior entry) why I haven't gotten one yet. But I web-searched a bit last night and found several private home health care agencies in my county. (At least one offers caregiver respite services, too!) I plan to sit down with someone at each, tell them what our situation is, evaluate their services, and establish a proactive relationship -- so that if conditions change with my partner or if I am incapacitated and need care, myself, I have a backup. Once I have a backup, I'll feel much better about having the procedure done.

As I told the doc, I need to expand my team! :D Just the act of finding places I can scope out made me feel a lot better. And the act of writing my prior entry, which got me brainstorming more on the colonoscopy issue, led me to think about establishing a proactive relationship with home health care outfits, the same way I've taken other steps "just in case."

Coincidentally, my blood pressure was taken by an ARNP (Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner) who used to work with my partner's ob-gyn and who had examined my partner on several occasions. As I discovered today, she now works with our GP.

She asked after my partner. I brought her up to date on my partner's diagnosis, the specialists we'd seen and local MS support group, and I recommended (She took notes.) I also mentioned my home health care search and asked if she had any recommendations. She was impressed with one outfit in particular and didn't really know the others.

I also have an appointment to see a dermatologist early on Friday about my new mole. When the GP pointed to my chin and asked, "That one?" I said, "No, that's just a pimple." (Welcome to menopause! Here, have a zit. What?) I then pointed to my upper right cheek and said, "It's this one."

When I told her it had materialized only a few days ago, her eyes widened. Hmm.

Two other possibilities occurred to me overnight: It could be a bug bite (this is Florida, after all), or I could have gotten a bit over-zealous with my towel during exercise. I sweat buckets when I work out. Back in September, when I was considerably heavier, I had managed to towel myself raw in a couple spots.

Still, best to get it checked. I'll see what the dermatologist says on Friday.

After my flurry of checkups, we drive to Tampa next month for my partner's neuro appointment.

Brainstorming and being proactive = having possibilities in the palm of my hand. :-) (I did this digital manipulation of my palm in 2005.)

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EJ!! This is wonderful on so many levels. It's wonderful to have the number which show you how well you're doing with your self-care. And, it's fantastic to know you can create a Plan B and a team!! \r\n\r\nLet us know what happens on Friday. I've got my fingers crossed that it's a bug bite, too.