Meet Teresa, a Family Caregiver and National Caregiving Conference Attendee


Meet Teresa, a Family Caregiver and National Caregiving Conference Attendee

teresaOur First Annual National Caregiving Conference happens on December 2 and 3 in Chicago. In anticipation of our event, we’ll share profiles of the family caregivers who will be attending. Today, we’re happy to introduce you to Teresa Stallone, who cares for her mom. You can connect with Teresa via her profile page: @tstallone. Our questions and her answers follow. Tell us about your caregiving situation.
Teresa: I am a full time caregiver to my mom as I am her only child. I manage her healthcare and administrative needs, business affairs, and assist when necessary with her physical and mental needs. I take care of daily household responsibilities. My mom cares for what she can when independence allows her to do so. Why is it important for you to attend our National Caregiving Conference?
Teresa: It is important for me to attend the National Caregiving Conference to connect with kindred spirits who are going through similar circumstances, especially those I have builds friendships with on I feel this conference is important for me to learn new perceptions as to how I can improve coping and management skills as a family caregiver. I feel by attending the National Caregiving Conference, I will be supporting fellow family caregivers by sharing my knowledge and providing compassion. Additionally, I believe the conference is a great platform to be utilized to spread awareness about how much family caregivers endure and advocate for public policy changes. What arrangements have you made so that your caree will receive the care she needs while you're at the conference?
Teresa: There will be someone staying with my caree while I am at the conference. Since I live nearby, I will be returning home after the sessions I'm attending ends for the evening and returning the next day. What are you looking forward to most while you're in Chicago?
Teresa: Since I am a native Chicagoan, I am thrilled the National Caregiving Conference is being held in my hometown. I am looking forward to meeting everyone in attendance. What you bringing with you to ensure you have all you need while you're at the conference?
Teresa: I am bringing a change of clothes for the fashion show, my phone (I have to take photos!), and a notebook with a pen.

Join us! Register to be with us in Chicago. Can't make it? Register to watch the conference virtually.

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