Meeting and Tripping in Boston


Meeting and Tripping in Boston

I snapped a selfie of TDM and I during the fair. I snapped a selfie of TDM and I during the fair.

As you know, I traveled to Boston last week to present at “Our Aging Market: Why Businesses Need to Respond,” an event sponsored by Harvard Business School Association of Boston.

The event happened on the evening of March 5 so during the day I hosted our very first Wellness Fair for Those Who Care™ at a company based in Shirley, Mass. I took the train from Boston to Shirley and @thedogmama picked me up at the train station. TDM helped to host our fair.

TDM and I have spent lots of time together in our chatroom but had not yet met in person. We had a wonderful time catching up and chatting; it didn't feel like the first time we actually met. TDM was a huge help during the fair--I'm so grateful for all her support.

After the fair, I headed back to Boston with bags of goodies TDM gave me to enjoy during the train trip. She's a family caregiver.

The "Aging Market" event went well. During the opening panel discussion, I shared thoughts about what you experience as a family caregiver. I emphasized that when companies serve you well, you will be their most loyal customer and employee. I also participated in a break-out panel, offering insights on your challenges as you work full-time jobs and provide care.

It was a wonderful day--meeting TDM and participating in an event at Harvard. When I walked into the building at Harvard where our event took place, I almost had to pinch myself. I've been studying the family caregiver experience at the ground level. You can't graduate from a university with a sociology degree with an emphasis on caregiving. You can't get a masters degree in Family Caregiving. You can't get financial aid or a scholarship to study the art and science of family caregiving. My career path is certainly self created and began at a time (1995) when only a handful understood what I was doing and why. I hope you feel I am a worthy student.

There's no better trip to take than the trip that lands you at a place of gratitude for that path so difficult and narrow and yet so fulfilling.

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Thank You so much for representing us Denise! I agree that you could well be \"the professor\" on this subject of caregiving!! What a treat to meet and see TDM!


Sounds like you had a great time ! Thank you Denise for \"going to bat\" for family caregivers. The world needs more people like you!\r\nMaria


Oh my, your comment gave me pause: \"I hope you feel I am a worthy student.\" \r\n\r\nAlthough I like to think that we all continue to be students, you are \"the professor now!\" when it comes to understanding and helping caregivers.

Lillie Fuller

Sounds like a great time and also productive! I'm so very grateful for you and for what you do!


Check it, you survived BAHston...and looks like you were productive, too. (Hi TDM) :D