phone-2127_640Just when I thought I was doing a good job of keeping it together, that I was coping fairly well with my grief. Guess what! Not so much, it turns out.

I got home this morning after driving my son to school to find Grandma standing there in her robe and slippers. My dad's on her phone, she tells me, wanting to speak to me. Okaaaaay, I think, and tell her I'll be right there. I can't even set down my purse and keys before she's on me to hurry up, 'cause there's some big problems with my own phone. (That should have been my first clue.) I go back to her room, pick up her phone. Dad says, What's wrong with your phone? It's been disconnected!

Once our conversation is ended, I use Grandma's phone to call the phone company. I was put through to a call center that sounded like it was located somewhere in India. Or maybe Pakistan, I don't know. The woman who answered asked me several times for my name, the number I was calling about, etc. And couldn't seem to figure out just what my problem was. I was put on hold for someone else in tech support, and Grandma starts in: What about MY phone?! (No, Grandma, your phone is okay. It's a separate account, and it's not disconnected. But, says she, What about my TV?! (The satellite TV for the whole house is "bundled" on my phone account.) God forgive me, but I wanted to shriek, F### the god d@##ed TV!!! Of course I didn't. But, oh, how I wanted to...!

The tech support guy comes on, he also can barely speak English. (Remember that call center in the movie "Slumdog Millionaire"? Just like that.) And, God help me, he actually took this opportunity to try to sell me some upgrades on my internet. Which was not disconnected BTW. And I started to cry, I just couldn't help it. And I pleaded with him, just get my phone service back up. I don't have a past due balance, there's no reason for this. JUST TURN MY FREAKING PHONE BACK ON!!!

And for reasons which still aren't clear, that just wasn't possible. Best he could do was set me up with a repair order. For the 17th.

Meanwhile, Grandma is still wringing her hands, bemoaning her lost TV service. (The TV was on the entire time.) And, well, I guess I just lost it. I literally screamed at the guy, Put me through to your supervisor. NOW!!! And he, very calm and professional, says that, sure, he can do that. My estimated hold time would be 35 minutes.

I hung up. And buried my head in my arms, and sobbed my lungs out. After a moment, I heard Grandma say...

Honey, you need to calm down! I need you to drive me to Walmart!

Un. Freaking. Believable.

Oh, and, get this, moments later, my phone rang. It was back on.

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It's no wonder that you wanted to shriek. And 35 minutes to be transferred to a manager? I feel like contacting your phone company for you and explaining how [1] no way is that professional and [2] highly improbable that that was an even accurate time frame. I am sorry for your frustrating morning. I hope your afternoon improved. ((hugs))


I can sure relate to your phone situation! Im learning to ask sooner, for someone who speaks English\r\nMeltdown is understandable, esp. since you havent really had time to just grieve the loss of your mom, but expected to carry on with all these other needs for others. Hugs & Prayers


I have had that very same experience and reacted just as you did. Only I insisted on having someone who speaks ENGLISH as their natural language, not forced or scripted. I hate that so many have gone to sending it all overseas. My wife and I switched our cells to a company called Stream and so glad we did. If we have a problem either we speak to an American or someone in Canada and NO problems.


Uhg! it's like you are supposed to stretch every inch of you to fix everyone's needs at once... and no one sees YOU... I hear you!