il-railroadingintosundowningSeptember 11th. We all remember that date. It shattered our peaceful lives. I was at work, where were you?

Fast forward to another September 11th, three years ago next Wednesday. That was the day my Dad died. In the midst of caregiving for Mom these days it is easy to dwell on the sadness, the difficulties, the pain.

So let’s remember the good stuff. He loved trains! I don’t think there was a LOCOMOTIVE  in a museum within 300 miles he and Mom hadn’t seen or he hadn’t taken a photograph of. I have, literally, thousands of his slides awaiting the transition to digital, sitting in my basement. When the time comes how many of those will be of different locomotives from across the country? Too many, probably.

Not only did he love the real thing, he was an avid HO Train enthusiast. My typically reticent New England father actually joined a train club wherever we lived. Being an engineer, he was usually in charge of the electrical portion of the layouts.

His DESIGN lives on. His close friend, Charlie, helped us take down his layout after Dad died. Mom told Charlie to take what he wanted. So now, fittingly, stuffed into a tiny basement of a New England cabin is an extension of Charlie’s layout built entirely from my Dad’s things. I love visiting his layout.

It's good to look back and remember… not with SHOCK and sadness, but with a smile on your face and love in your heart.

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Thanks Denise, I am too.


Gosh, this just gave me such a sigh of comfort. Simply beautiful. Thank you.\r\n\r\nI'm so glad you're here. :)