photo-256882_640Stack up all your memories

Of the laughter love and fun

Wrap up recollections

Preserve them, every one.


Pile up your remembrances

Everything you know

Of the good times, of the bad times.

Before they all must go


Write upon some parchment pages

Bind in vellum

Preserve for ages

Place them on the highest shelves

Ever read what could they tell us

Of the world and of ourselves.


Chisel your stories into stone

Much for which to atone

Like commandments, like Rosette

They were never yours to own


Write narratives on papyrus scrolls.

Buried as in days of old

Through the many springs and autumns

Heat of summers, winters’ cold


Scribble reflections on tissue paper

Try not to let them blow away.

Like balloons full of helium

They’ll be gone one sunny day.


On the legs of carrier pigeons

They will soar into the blue

Every thought and each experience

Everything that makes you you

by Michelle Andrea Bracken

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Great analogies, great use of the language, wonderful visions


I love all your poems, Michelle, and I hate to say I have a favorite. But, this one is it. So far, it's my favorite. Simply beautiful.