Memories of Last year, Sitting Here


Memories of Last year, Sitting Here

November 9th, I am traveling to the 2nd Annual National Caregiving Conference in Chicago. As I wait for my rescheduled flight, I was thinking about what happened last year in this same spot. I am traveling to Chicago from Fresno's #1 airport, again. Last year, my Dad was not doing well, on Hospice, being cared for by his wife. I was going every week and more often because Elly had passed away in October. So, as I waited for my plane to board, I called my dad. He didn't answer. I had to leave a didn't take more than a few words and I was crying... Trying to spit out words that said I loved him and that I planned to see him when I got back. So many things were going through my head at the time. He did call me back, I got his voicemail that night after my long travel day. I was relieved that he got my message. Today, Dad is in heaven with Elly...the song that was playing the morning he passed, played on the radio  this morning as AwesomeHubby drove me to the airport. I had to look away with tear filled eyes...I don't become overwhelmed with emotion very often. I did today. I miss them both but their bodies were so ready for rest, they will have received new bodies by now.

So many things have changed since last year. I don't see or hear from my sisters like we used to. I don't go and see my dad's wife. I love our house and neighborhood and its feeling more and more like home. One of the biggest changes is that I have a relationship with my mom, after 31 years. So, this year is very different. I am looking forward to serving at the Conference, enjoying the seminars but needing to give back to the community of folks that walked with me through the many difficulties I experience during my Caregiving years. I am ready to share, listen and give encouraging words relying on my faith in God to provide everything I need!

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Praise God! Memories are all we have left with us. Its an amazing thing.


What a touching memory and reflection on how your life has changed. Hope the conference experience was great!


Bless your heart. Hope your Conference experience was all you were wishing for.


What a beautiful memory and what an honor you are giving to the attendees at the share your journey. Thank you.