Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas!

background-20670_640First off I apologize for not keeping up with my updates. Life has been quite difficult and this week was even harder than last.

December 28 will be the last dose of this medication and we are praying that we will be able to make it til then! On top of all of the stress of detox alone we are also dealing with the VA and worker's comp and continuing the fight.  It is never ending.

Mom's pain has increased along with her severe symptoms. She is very much on edge and very agitated. We both know that this is normal and we are trying very hard to be patient with each other. She is getting angry that I come in and check on her and I explained that I need to check on her when I hear odd noises. I asked her to be patient with me while I check on her. I explained that if the shoe were on the other foot and she was watching me for seizures, heart attack, and strokes, she would also come and investigate odd noises, and check every few hours if I needed anything.

We are learning new things through this and exercising patience and compassion like never before. We are completely exhausted in every way so we try to catch cat naps whenever possible. She tries hard to keep her smoothies down but she doesn't have much of an appetite. I get vitals whenever she is able to have them done. We have decided to read a portion of "The Princess Bride" (one of our favorite books and movies) each day. It seems when I am reading, she falls asleep, which is a good thing, because I know she is resting. She hates that she falls asleep but I am thankful for any bit of rest she can get.

It is kinda satisfying that my voice can soothe her to sleep. I feel like I can calm and soothe her even if just for a few moments.

We aren't in the usual "Christmas Spirit" I think because I am not cooking and I haven't decorated because we knew that this year would be different. Later this evening Mom and I will open gifts, once she has a bit of strength.

I pray you all have a wonderful and joyous Christmas. I am praying for peace and comfort for each one of us. This life of caregiving isn't easy but it is a true blessing! God Bless each and every one of you!

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Thinking of you this morning and in this New Year. Hope you are seeing progress and brighter days.

Lillie Fuller

We CAREGIVERS are blessings as we are being blessed by the elderly, the sick, the sad.. the blessings go both ways. I understand the noise thing completely, my mom gets so irritated with me when I check on her because I have heard a strange noise coming through the monitor. It's like she's waiting on me so she can say, I'M FINE! I think they do understand the shoe on the other foot thing but it must be so hard to lose the independence they once had. God Bless You!


My holiday wish for you is that Miracle Max truly works a miracle for your mother and everything you've fought so long for becomes reality! That's \"TRUE LOVE\" for you, you both have it is spades.


Merry Christmas to you and your mom, LH! I am moved by the deep love and compassion you have for her and the kindness you show to each other.


Merry Christmas, LH!!\r\n\r\nI think you are amazing! You're doing such a wonderful job caring for your mom and overseeing this dratted medication \"vacation.\"\r\n\r\nI hope today finds you enjoying the peace and comfort of a job well done.