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On this, the occasion of my beautiful wife’s birthday, we pass another milestone on our trek.  She began birthday week celebrations (!) with surgery at PMH to remove a whack of lymph nodes.  We have been assured that this was almost exclusively preventative but until pathology reporting is completed there is always a little nagging doubt. We are though confident.

Since she has been so very diligent about her physical and mental well being for the past several months her recovery from anaesthesia was much easier than post-mastectomy.  Clearly there is very real benefit in her fitness regime (at least 30-minutes jog on the treadmill every day) and her spiritual regime (weekly and daily practice of mindfulness meditation under the guidance of the very skilled Dr. S. Treyvaud and her daily yoga routine).  The major challenge on this front is carving out the time to undertake it all but with the awesome support of Nana and Bapa she is able to focus on this critical component of recovery and prevention.

It is these efforts too which will prove so important as we move forward.  The latest good news we received was that the results of her BRCA1 and BRCA2 tests were negative so she has no genetic mutation on that front at least and that is of course a relief to all of us and her family members.  The next testing to be done under the very kind and helpful guidance of the genetic counselling team at Credit Valley will be to determine if Kate has a genetic predisposition to melanoma.  There is some family history on this front and in the quest to figure out where this rogue breast cancer came from we’re pursuing all avenues of investigation.

Regardless, this is an admittedly odd kind of birthday for Katie but one which we’re hoping will signal a rebirth day.

Next week we’re looking forward to attending a tribute event to thank and honour the sponsors who make programs and vehicles such as this site available.  It will be another one of the events that one hopes one never has to attend but if one does how better to do it than in the company of people who strive to make a real difference?

Finally, while Albert Camus is not necessarily known for uplifting literature there is one quote that resonates powerfully for me when I consider how Kate has moved along this trail.

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me lay an invincible summer.”

Happy Birthday, my love.  We shall celebrate many, many more together.

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