headphones-933157_640I suffer from misophonia.

Specifically, I have an extreme reaction to soft sounds like someone chewing, swallowing liquid, whispering etc. I actually thought I was the ONLY person in the world with this until the internet.

It's really a terrible affliction and directly related to my caregiving. My mom is constantly making weird noises and I walk around with my headphones on all day, the volume at the highest level, playing white noise which is like a kind of static. Many times the sounds are too loud to be drowned out.

I start crying. My choice is to be apart from my mom or cry. I know she does understand this problem and tries very hard to not make the sounds, but a lot of times she just starts again. Just hoping she sleeps through the night.

I really, really need sleep. This lack of sleep is wearing me out.

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I can feel for you. Our daughter had severe hyperacusis for a long time when she was little. A ticking clock would drive her to holding her ears and rocking and screaming. My husband also suffers from this, which might sound odd, since he also has a significant hearing loss. I recently learned that my typing on the computer is a sound which is very annoying to him...and is why I'm not on the computer too often. Barking dogs are intolerable for him. \r\nDo you ever have problems with dizziness or vertigo? \r\nI can't imagine how difficult it must be to be caregiving with this challenge.


Thank you, Zuzu.


I admit that I have never heard of this condition and I am so sorry for what you are going through. It must make the caregiving experience so much more stressful for you both. Do you have a method whereby she can get your attention if she needs you and you have your headphones on?