Missed Yet Another Doctor Appointment


Missed Yet Another Doctor Appointment

agenda-152918_640Well today we missed yet another doctor's appointment.

I was told by the angry receptionist that this marks the 12th missed appointment and basically it is mean to the doctor to keep making and missing appointments. I apologized and tried to explain that it isn't on purpose, that Mom has the most painful disease known to man, and when she goes paralyzed there is nothing we can do! She is unable to move or be touched, so there is no option but to cancel.

She just kinda huffed and scheduled us for a month and a half away.  I told Mom and she started to cry. She feels so bad about having to cancel and she feels so helpless cause she can't control this disease and she can't "just push through the pain." (And yes, I have had many people tell me to tell her to just buck up and push through the pain).

My heart is sad.

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The palliative care is a good idea. I don't necessarily have any good or bad experience with it yet despite having signed my mom up with one. She was back in the hospital with pneumonia before they were able to get to the house. That time at home was only about 5 days. But she sure enjoyed getting her hair and nails done when I took her on a field trip to the salon.


Hi LH--What a frustrating situation. If ever there was a need for a house call, this is it. I understand the doctor runs a business but he's also in the business of helping people. What a help it would be if, just once, he made a house call. \r\n\r\nI sooo hope a resolution comes for you.


I am so sorry about your mom .Have you ever considered palliative care it's not hospice from what I understand the nurses come to you and they also take care of all the medicines ,it may help where you wouldn't need to go out just for prescription refills. You are doing a great job it's a shame some people just have to make your job more stressful instead of showing compassion for the difficult time \r\nyour mom is going through.\r\nYour in my thoughts \r\nShirley


I'm so sorry you had that experience! What did the doctor say when you called?


It\"s unbelievable anyone working for a doctor should be so uncaring about your mom\"s condition you would think if anyone would understand they should. I cancel my husbands appointments whenever I think the weather isn't healthy for him to cold or raining to hard I cancel he doesn't need to get a cold on top of else he has going on because his lungs are so bad he may not recover . Keep doing what you need to you are looking out for your mom I would talk to the do to he may not know what kind of help he has.\nShirley

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